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Stars Tease Our Noses
Stars Tease Our Noses
The streetlights surrounded the rough face
Hair covered around the skin and lips
Faint light glistens over the brown eyes
Warm shivers shield small goosebumps
The last embrace
He'd hold her hips
The blank conection lies...
The kiss tasted like vibrant colors
Soft and not too hard, like perfection
Fireflies blink and teased our eyes
The stars never can bother
What you brought - such a sweet sensation
Regretting our goodbyes
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I live in a melted headache, I call home
We can go fishing with best friends in my mind
Call to the stars, why don't you disappear?
Tell that dear Leo he's no Guardian Angel
Demanding God to hold me when I'm no where near
As you bekond our seperation, it can only create a watery tear from the dancing clouds
Why don't you leave me alone?
Stop bringing these terrible signs
I don't need this circle
Only a new beginning
Writing only about you
It hurts
I need something novel but you were who fell for
You just never caught me
Give me back the memories...give me back the happiness
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Hey Moon, Forget to Go Down
Hey Moon, Forget to Go Down
She began to believe the worse
The feelings never left her purse
There are better fish flying in the air
And she had her hook on one now...
He'd push strands of hair
from her face
They never stayed behind her ear, she didn't know just why and how
Perhaps it was for the wrong goodbye
Wonder what we would do if we could rewind
I'd never change a moment, do you consider me out of my mind?
She'd look up at the stars and only see his eyes
She'd see the streetlights but only feel that night
She knows it is funny to relate sighs
Heavy breathing - with a bad lover
But he would hold her tight
And shouldn't that be good enough?
She wants to go back to the place, the street
Where their eyes would meet for the first time, where their souls meet
Perhaps no night will ever eclipse as powerful as so
And that boy wil remain ungrateful
She can only suffer each night, starring out that window, no love to show
His words may seem fraud, also resentful
Perhaps they were the wron
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Unfinished Story
Unfinished Story
You are like an unfinished novel, depressing and lost
Your eyes have lost their glisten and texture
I remembered when my laughter would carry your sadness away
But here I am smiling at a wall besides you
Your memory beckoned for a sweet escape
A little piece of heaven
But I believe I am holding you back from your valuable trip
Whoa, I am sheltering the one I want so dearly for my own
Your eyes lose their gloss, a sweet topping for your darkness
I can only imagine the patches of hair on your face
They are growing like grass, filling over your soft lips and below your rough chin
Maturity has come to take you away
Just a little too late, just a little too late
Rest your eyes and recap on your beautiful life
I am sure you will find someone to replace everyone with who leaves you
You are like an unfinished story
Too cold to pick up the pieces, and too hot to want to
You will glance at her grave and throw down that Black Rose
Silence will fill your soul and an empty whole in
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Woven Beauty
Woven  Beauty
Dusk sweeps over the woven patterns, creating a whispering, shaking tale
Capturing each moment like a picture frame
Let it consume my body and mind
Insects, patterns, words, and strength
Needles, thread, and structure
Give me structure for my life, construct my toes in the optimum direction
Weave my beauties and perfections in one, breathing quilt
Let it's heart pound with each tale
Share with my fortunes that may come
For here I beg on my damsel drum
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Behind Glass
Behind Glass
The longing glance of the silhouette, how I want you for my own
This everlasting existing feeling I could have given, could have shown
These other beings pop out at the wrong time, the wrong moment where we can stand
I can still feel your touch, I can still taste your smell
But worst of all, you don't want me I can tell
Behind the glass, I see it all, the smiling eyes, the tall happiness
I feel so small knowing reality, I can not hold you, I can not hear you
I am so small feeling those words, you're breaking my heart seams, my emotions in two
Do you see these hands? They were made to fit with yours
Do you see this skin? These bleeding fallacies, the painful soars
Shake my bones, shake off my pride
I can not bear to live one more hour knowing you're happy elsewhere
I'm breaking inside, can't you see what this distress has done to me?
You are all I want, all I see…
Nightmares have been replaced with your pure dreams, sweet dreams
Chasing your delightful being upon a bal
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Content Soul
The spotless porcelain sky faded over the horizon around the time I walked home after a long day of work. To top of the horrendous day I experienced, my school teachers gave out a total of five long essays to create. When my feet finally touch the cold porch of a off white house, I felt my phone instantly vibrate. I vigorously pulled it out of my back pocket and their read my beautiful girlfriend's name. Hey Baby I can't wait to see you later. I smirked as I quickly stashed it away in my pocket, looking for my keys.
I closed the door throwing my heavy books in my room perfunctorily. I collapsed on my bed opening my laptop. I did my daily stalk of my perfect girlfriend and using my perspicacity, I noticed some boy was flirting with her on Facebook. I quickly reached for my phone, How can you do this to me? I thought you said you wouldn't do this to me again! I heard ten beeps before I decided to read one, but nothing felt satisfying to my ear.
I can't explain how angry I felt at thi
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Mature content
Elizabeth's Disaster :iconrebelxxpunk711:rebelxxpunk711 0 0
Tension ran throughout the room this evening. It was certain that her uneasiness was taking advantage of her whole body. Her cold words echoed the setting, "Why should I?" We all yearned to leave rather than sit here and feel this less desirable sensation. The man in the tie just grinned as we all realized what he had up his sleeve.
"Why shouldn't you?" he slid to the edge of his chair and looked at the woman optimistically. It was in his right to rectify any issue a human can possibly have. She glowered at him, he had no right to tell her what she should do.
"It is out of my way to solve this. I can't control this." she insisted immediately. She had a sadistic idea to strangle this man right before everyone's blinded eyes. Then, maybe he would understand how she truly feels.
"Nothing is out of your way. All you need to do is let yourself understand what you-" he was interrupted with a rush of anger, "How dare you say it was my fault that my brother died!" We all felt the room tremble,
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What you mean to me...
What You Mean To Me …
You are the sensation I get through my body every day when I think of you
You bind my heart when it’s in two
You give just the right affection
Arms that hold me so tight, gives me the perfect protection
Our love isn’t a game otherwise it would all be the same
Nothing’s too complex with us,
It’s only the others who wouldn’t understand us
Although moments with you feel like a dream, I know now that it’s real
Tell me what mistake I could make being yours?
The happiness you give to me, with every kiss you place on my lips
You make up for nothing that was in my heart and put everything back inside me
You are the treasure I want to lock up all for myself
Love is not only an emotion it’s life
It is a mystery a history to be written down and memorized
It’s a fire that burns, not meant to be put out.
I don’t want to be blind anymore
I don’t want to know about the unpredictable
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Keep What's Proven
Keep What's Proven
As coolness dries upon my lips
Take this warm glass and take excessive sips
Show me your arms and lay them on ice
Tell me your sweetest words that you say so nice
I want your voice begging for your life
I want to see you walking towards your strife
Sing to me your perfect lullabies
Make my baby stop his cries
Let me see you “walk the walk”
Show me you’re not just the “talk”
Prove me you will keep moving on
Prove me you will be strong
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One More Taste
One More Taste
I look at your eyes, so calm and brilliant
You hold me close closing your lips
You mutter words that are so vibrant
You lock your lips upon my cheek
Everyday so far away, even more at your door
You ask me this, for one last kiss
For surely you can’t go on
Are you so strong? Are you not happy?
For I am as true as the color blue
You approach me once more holding my waist
Holding ever so tight , “What is this?”
“My last kiss won’t be yet.” , a smile
Crawls upon my face, For now I had it
One more taste
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I will be near
Crying in the middle of the dark night.
Hopeful I'll never again see light.
Living in my dreams,
there's everything better than it seems.
Nobody wants to understand me,
nobody let me be the person I want to be.
Is there a place,
where I can show my real face?
I don't think so.
Probably I have to go,
To go through red rain,
which will take my brain.
I fell sorry,
But please don't be worry.
You'll never see me.
I'm going to place, where my soul is free.
Let me go under the ground,
you will hear a strange sound.
Soon, hopeful soon, I will change some things.
Please, don't be scared if the phone rings.
You won't care,
about me, but you'll feel me in the air.
When I will sit in the dark and I will be sad,
you'll be happy and you'll lie in the bed.
But when the wind blows
and life the dark site shows.
I will whisper in your ear.
won't be hear, but near.
Then don't forget the good site.
I will be by you and we'll go to the light.
You don't have to end like me.
Only be like you want to be.
I w
:icondyingwithoutme:DyingWithoutMe 2 9
Help me
It’s another awful day.
I don’t want to stay.
Just throw me away.
I’m sick of being me.
I’m sick, that’s all you can see.
Putting another fake smile on my face.
I hate these days.
I’m different in more ways.
Emptiness is all I’ve got.
Pull the trigger….shoot.
Please help me to go.
Cause I’m nothing. Less than you know.
With every step I take,
I’m getting more a fake.
My skin is full of blood and tears,
but I didn’t lose my fears.
I never wanted to cry,
and always wanted to die.
Cutting my skin. Letting my blood out.
Screaming to a crowd.
I want to be honest and don’t lie.
Just scream loud: I wanna die.
Respect me.
Normal is all I want to be.
Please look into my eyes,
to know more than my lies.
But you never will understand it.
Every word is like another hit.
Give me a chance to stay alive.
Without that I have to take a knife.
:icondyingwithoutme:DyingWithoutMe 1 2
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